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About us

To God be the glory, for his generosity and mercy and for calling us to work for his kingdom... It has been a joy and at the same time a commitment to God, working as a worker in his vineyard. The plan is to present Christ as the most complete resource that human beings need to live in peace in this life and attain eternal life.  May God be blessed and glorified in our daily lives, and may our to do shines like the light of noon.

Pastor Belkis Fernandez

Woman with Bible

"Commitment to God Implies Sacrifice"

Woman with Bible


Develop a community of believers who know God and are transformed through the Scriptures. A community that testifies of Jesus through its lifestyle; that they live and act according to the values  and principles of the Kingdom of God, that they be salt and light in their personal, family, work and ecclesiastical life.


  • Share the Word of God with Latin Americans who live in the city of Vaughan.

  • Praise and worship with joy in brotherhood to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • To be a living witness, reaching out to those in need with compassion and in the likeness of Christ.

  • Direct our family and friends towards the Lord, with the goal of their spiritual salvation  and the transformation of their lives.

  • Disciple believers by leading them in the ways of the Lord.

Woman with Bible
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